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Other Services


We are equipped to conduct a broad range of other services beyond pharmacological and toxicological testing, including:

Dental & Periodontal

These studies include periodontal treatments and procedures, tooth rotation, relapse and prevention of relapse, and surgical procedures.  We have a working relationship with board certified veterinary dentists and orthodontic MDs.

Internal Parasites

Studies can be conducted with a variety of parasites including intestinal parasites and heartworm.  Studies have ranged from prevention to treatment.

External Parasites

We the expertise to work with free-range or chambered fleas and chambered ticks, in conjunction with the appropriate animal model. 

Efficacy Studies

Studies are designed to assay the efficacy of the test article.  These studies have involved vaccines, parasites, pharmacodynamics and animal responses. 

Ocular Studies

We have a working relationship with board certified veterinary ophthalmologists to assure your study is performed to your requirements.  We offer the expertise to perform ocular injections, and expert exams and internal optic pressures.

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